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Issued from 2016.

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1Anvar M. Mamadaliev[Россия]The Institution of Slavery of Kievan Rus Epoch of Yaroslav the Wise and Classical Slavery of Antiquity: a Comparative Analysis2016, June249
2Alexander S. Semenov[Россия], Vladimir V. Bulat[Россия]On Ethnical and Social Stratification in Еneolithic Lower Volga Region According to Khvalynsk Culture Data2016, June232
3Lev R. Prozorov[Россия]About the Ethnicity of "Smerds"2016, June229
4Iya Shiukashvili[Грузия]Slavery in the USA (first half of the 19th century): Socio-Economic Aspects2017, June147
5Yu.Yu. Klychnikov[Россия]The Factor of Slave Trade in the Russian Politics in the Northern Caucasus2017, June141
6Anvar M. Mamadaliev[Россия], Sergey I. Degtyarev[Украина]Serfdom and Serfdom of Peasants in the Russian State: Comparative Analysis2017, June140
7Elena I. Inozemtseva[Россия]To the Issue of the Concepts and Terms of the Slavery Institution in the Late Medieval Dagestan2017, June139
8Sergey L. Dudarev[Россия], Dmitry S. Dudarev[Россия]Discussion of the Functioning of Some Forms of Personal Dependence in the North Caucasus Mountaineers in the first half of the 19th Century2017, June137
9Column by editor in chief2017, June134

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